dannielle (buttaflykiss321) wrote in bosconservative,

Saddam refuses to go to court

"An angry Saddam threatened at the end of the Tuesday court session to boycott the next day's proceedings after complaining that he and the seven other co-defendants had been mistreated by the "unjust court."

unjust court my ass....if i captured that son of a bitch i wouldhave killed him already and not given him a trail....hes lucky we are even given him a chance

"Saddam complained that he and the seven other defendants were tired and had been deprived of opportunities to shower, have a change of clothes, exercise or go for a smoke."

he doesnt disserve to have a shower or get a smoke, why should we let him do anything after everything that he has done. and then he says its terrorism...ha we will show him terrorism in the electric chair!
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