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Wal-Mart Ordered to carry morning after pill.

"A Massachusetts regulatory board voted on Tuesday to require Wal-Mart stores to stock morning-after contraceptives, two weeks after three women in the state sued Wal-Mart for refusing to fill orders for the pills."

"According to the suit, Wal-Mart has previously said it was corporate policy not to stock emergency contraceptive medication, citing slow sales and low demand.

Fogleman has said the company "chooses not to carry many products for business reasons," giving low demand as one."

Supply and demand? What is this, like a free market or something?

What bothers me about this is not the pill itself, but the fact that the government is ordering a private company to carry a product. Since when does the State of Massachusetts have the right to order companies to have "commonly prescribed" medications? I thought that state does not this authority and all the information I have found refers to the law requiring hospitals to provide it. Maybe Wal-Mart is a hospital too now, but I'm sure it's possible.

Hypothetically, you own a store that sells pharmaceuticals. The State can order you to carry a product rather than allowing you to decide if you wish to. Normally you would decided because there is a demand for the product, and you would adjust your supply and price accordingly (I believe some ancient and forgotten system called capitalism had this idea). Now that the state can order you what to "carry", you will not be able base your supply on demand and therefor have no profit on that product. Now hypothetically assume you are morally opposed to the product you are being coerced and forced into selling, possibly for religious reasons. You are now forced to go against both economic well being and moral values causing not only a loss in profit, but face reincarnation into a lower caste or even more likely, eternal damnation.

All of this because three people decided to sue Wal-Mart for not carrying to pill known as "Plan B". All three held a news conference, presumably because they are super proud of their vexatious litigation. In other news, I will be suing Blockbuster for not carrying Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

A further legal (ad hominem) analysis of the situation is revealing:

This picture tell us much about the real nature of the lawsuit. The woman in the center wears glasses and we have no idea how reliable her ability to find any pill is, without proof she was wearing them. To the left we have poorly dyed hair with almost an inch of dark roots showing. This must be very upsetting and this part of the lawsuit can be attributed to classic anger displacement: my hair is bad, WAAAAAAALMAAAART!. Now on the right side of the picture we have the speaker with the awful fashion sense. I suggest she return to the Scooby Doo gang where she will only harm farmers that try to hide hoards of gold.
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