psychoticfallen (psychoticfallen) wrote in bosconservative,

Lables arefor Canned Food

I would venture to say nearly everyone in Boston who isn't a red fascist is a conservative, but they just reject the label, as would I, if it didn't prevent me from talking to most human beings on the planet.

I consider myself a conservative capitalist, because capitalism is universally hardass and unfeeling,leaving us all to do our thing as long as we work and pay for it. It also acknowledges that directing the work of thers through ethical investing is work in itself.

In fact, there is no unethical investing, for taking advantage of someone else's low standard isnot unethical,merely ill-advised. But as the standard would not change even if there were more money,it willbeawhile before investor freeloading bites us in the ass.

Andso,I can be contentto be called a feminazi,abitch,an anarchist,afeminist,a liberal,anything at all if I am left alone in it,but at my core I am more conservative and isolationist than Buchanan.
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